We had Scott Ian and John Bush from ANTHRAX over Spain doing promotion for their latest record "We've Come For You All" released recently through Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. So, we took the opportunity and met the guys at a hotel here in Madrid. Of course, we hoped to get Scott Ian to make the interview but as one of the guys from the label in Madrid told us, it was so stressing for him that it was necessary to split the interviews as much as possible, so no problem at all, we talked with John that was a really cool guy. The interview was short, as we all had not much than 20 minutes to ask everything, but I really think it was time enough to know more about the recent ANTHRAX work.

Well, some people ask themselves how that you've gone with Nuclear Blast Records? How did you get the deal?
AnthraxWell, it's simple. Nuclear Blast is one of the biggest Metal labels around the world. They have become the most important and supportive labels for this genre in the whole universe, man! We've had experiences with big multinationals and they usually have many different bands from many different styles in their catalogue. But with Nuclear Blast you know that they know their work very well. You don't take the risk of doing a mistake by signing with them. Anyway it's too soon to say nothing about their work, although the simple fact that we're right now talking over here is a proof that they are doing it well. The label offered us the deal and we accepted after having studied each and every aspect of the deal. And we're satisfied.

Did it help the fact of having released the latest S.O.D. album through them?
Not really! I don't think so. People working at the label are all time fans of the band since the first years of ANTHRAX. We know that they grew listening the old records from the band and when it happened that we started to have troubles with our previous label, they started to show their interest in ANTHRAX. The fact that Scott and Charlie have this project and Nuclear Blast released their latest record is just a coincidence, as styles are not exactly the same for both bands. But well, now both bands are under the same label. And that's good, isn't it?

What do you think of Nuclear Blast today? When you were releasing records like "Attack Of The Killer B's", they were one of those small labels and distros that started to spread the Death Metal and Grindcore thing all around, and now they're one of the big ones into Metal, don't you think so?
Well, of course, they have been active for so many years and they have grown as a label and as a strong force into the Metal movement today. I didn't know the label in those times you're telling me. Maybe the first time I heard of them was like a few years ago. But the important thing is that they are now what they are and that they are supporting the Metal movement strongly enough to have took our attention. They know what they do and it's shown in every aspect of the business. When you're constant in what you do, the reward use to be big. And that's exactly what have happened with the label. Of course, now I know a lot more info about Nuclear Blast and the bands they have had all along those years and the big work they have done for the business and the Metal movement and that's something big.

Courtesy of: first thing they released for the band was a MCD called "Safe Home". What can you tell us about this single? Tell us something about the three songs featured.
It was an idea we had to make things clear for people and media that ANTHRAX were still alive and kicking. We thought it was a good idea while we were recording the new album to have something released. And so, we decided to put out those three songs. The songs featured are "Safe Home", that's a song from the new album, then there's the radio edit of this same song and then there's "Taking Home The Music Back". I think it's a good selection of songs for the old and the new fans to check some new stuff from the band.

Lets talk a bit more about "We've Come For You All". As far as I know it has some collaborations from some very known musicians. What can you tell me about that?
Well, in the song "Taking Home The Music Back" there's a special contribution from Roger Daltrey from THE WHO. Also Dimebag Darrell, from PANTERA contributes in the songs "Cadillac Rock Box" and on "Strap It On". We felt the need to invite some friends to make something special for the album and the result is simply fantastic.

Who produced it?
It was produced by Rob Caggiano and he did a pretty good job for this new record.

What are for you the main differences between this new work and the latest ones? How would you describe the new songs?
I don't think it's so different than the previous ones. It's still an ANTHRAX album with many different parts that can appeal to a wide audience. And that's exactly what we look for on each new album. We don't want to label our music or focus it in just one type of music. Our sound is recognizable each time you listen to one of our songs and that's something we really want for our music. You have the fastest rhythms, the more danceable ones, you have everything you can expect from an ANTHRAX record. Variety and fun! A simple formula!

What are you favourite songs from the new record, if there's any?
I have no preference for any of the songs as each and every one is part of the record, but I'd say for example "Superhero" or maybe "Nobody Knows Anything". I don't know... each song is special and I'm sure that people would like it for sure!

After releasing your previous record "Attack Of The Killer A's" like three years ago, what were you doing? Why have it took for you like three years to release this new album?, we really wanted to make something fresh and new with this new album, apart of the fact of changing of label and other personal things for each member in the band. We didn't want to release a new album like one year after the previous one or something like this. So, it took some time to write the new stuff, rehearse it and then entering a studio to record it. And I think that the result is worth the wait, isn't it?

What do you think when people still say that you're a Thrash Metal band?
Well, it's part of our roots, isn't it? At least, ANTHRAX started a s a Thrash band, and we still keep elements from this style and we respect it a lot. But lets better say that we're now a Metal band that can be easily heard by Metal or Rock fans worldwide. We even have this LYNYRD SKYNYRD type song called called "Cadillac Rock Box" that a lot of the old fans won't go to understand for sure! ANTHRAX is a band to have fun and the best way to have fun is by playing music. At least I think so!

Well John, what kind of relationship do you keep with Joey Belladonna? I know that you even did some shows with him as guest singer or something like this, isn't it?
I don't have any relationship with him. I see him each once in a while at a festival or something, but he has his thing and I have mine. Yes, we did some shows with him in the past and it was very funny. The guy was at the stage and all the people were waiting like some kind of fight or something like this and in the contrary, we did enjoy the show a lot. I have nothing against him or his past in the band. He did his job and now I'm doing mine. The rest is history.

What memories do you have from Dave Pritchard, ex-ARMORED SAINT (your previous band) guitar player who died of leukemia? I think that it affected you very much during some time, isn't it?
Hey man! It was one of the worst periods in all my life. The guy was so cool, so honest and so good that he used to come to his friends and trying to make them think positively while he was dying! He did come and say things like: "hey, shit happens, man!" or "everything's all right, bro!"... and you were seeing him near to die and it was a very hard period. He was the best, man!

Well, this question was more for Scott Ian, but I really think that you can answer it from your point of view, as you have been involved in the scene since a very long time ago with your previous band ARMORED SAINT. How different do you see the Metal scene today?'s simply amazing! Today everything is easier. There is more people around involved in the business thing. There are thousands of bands playing and trying to express themselves and that's something we didn't have in the past. It's great to see so many people attending the shows with Metal bands. Ten years ago or so, everything was more difficult, for bands, the fans and the labels. And I really think that it has been a step ahead for everyone of us involved in the Metal community.

Maybe you don't want to speak about this, but I need to ask. How it all affected the band the terrorist attacks on September 11th in New York? Have you had any trouble with the name? Have you ever thought since then on changing the name of the band?
No, not at all, we never thought on changing the name of the band. There are thousand different diseases, viruses, bacteries with different names and the simple fact that our name is related to the facts happened in our land, is not enough to make us change the name. Anyway, we have not had several problems with the name. ANTHRAX has been the name of the band for many years and it represents much to us, our fans and the whole Metal scene to go and change it. About the terrorist attacks, well, there are no words to express our feelings for this massacre. It was simply crazy and demential!!!

Did any of the members loose anyone in the towers?
Fortunately not!

Well John, thanx a lot for the interview. It's always a pleasure to have you over here in Spain doing promotion and talking to you directly. If you want to add something, feel free to do so.
No, thanx to you all, to the label here in Spain and we really hope to come soon to Spain to give some shows for the Spanish crowd.