Kuba Peziol

Some weeks ago we saw released the new MACABRE album "Murder Metal" will be release, and for this reason we got in touch with Nefarius (Bass and vocals) , he answered questions that have to be with this and more shit.

Hello guys, how are you? What is happening with MACABRE these days? My congratulations for this new masterpiece titled "Murder Metal".
MacabreThanks, glad you like it, we like it too, we're looking to hit the road and tell people to check out the new release.

Why did you delay so much on the releasing of "Murder Metal"? Why some songs just like "Unabomber" are not finally appearing on the new CD (in the "Unabomber" MCD was written that this song will be featured in "Murder Metal").
There were a lot of reasons why it took so long for the album to come out, but that's not important, it's only important that it is out now, and that people can get it. As for the "Unabomber" song, we simply changed our minds about putting it on "Murder Metal", nothing more.

Can you tell me a bit about the forthcoming new releases and re-releases to come and which labels will do it? I'm very curious especially about the unplugged CD, tell me more about this one.
Season of Mist will put out the re-release of "Grim Reality" and "the Macabre Minstrels" EP (the unplugged EP) and they should be out sometime next year and they will most likely do the next album.

Tell me you fave ten serial killers and the reason why. I think that Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez and the Zodiac are the ones I like the most, but I am not the one to be interviewed so...
I only have three and they are ALBERT FISH , ZODIAC & NIGHTSTALKER,

Corporate DeathYou lyrics and concept is insane, I adore it, but are you serious about all this serial killer stuff or it is only a kind of joke, because in my opinion they have this dark humour atmosphere that turns it more evil, really sick!
Who writes the lyrics?
Corporate Death writes most of the lyrics, but we all contribute. Its a very evil thing we do. Take it for what you will. Some bands use fiction to be evil, we tell the truth and we think that it makes it as sick as possible, everything we talk about in our songs actually happened and it certainly is some pretty crazy stuff. What do you think is more evil?

Are you pro or against serial killers and their works of art? If pro tell me your opinion about what happened September the 11th, because I think I read somewhere that you are against that shit.
I'm against killers of course and think they should be done away with, No exceptions! We just tell the truth.

What do you think about that movies I saw about three years ago about Ed Gein and this one released this year about Ted Bundy (they are done by the same director)?
I liked the Ed Gein movie, and the Ted Bundy movie was brutal, but I think they were done by different directors.

An interesting fact about MACABRE is that you never changed your line- up, what is the reason for this in your opinion?
We're lazy. It works for us, if it's not broken, why fix it?

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Tell me your top ten list albums/bands.
All kinds of great stuff such as Zappa, Motorhead, Sabbath, Purple, Heep, Bulldozer, Bathory, Toy Dolls, Focus, Sodom, just to name a few…

NefariousWhen and why did you start playing music? Your technic is incredible, so what kind of musical studies do MACABRE members have? How many hours you spent playing your instruments per day and how many times do you practise together in a week?
We've been doing this since the early eighties so it has been a long time. None of us had any training in music, we just learned on our own by listening to albums. We try to practice at least three times a week, but sometime we go months with out jamming together, but by myself I try to play at least 2 hours a day or more. We've been around for such a long time that it could never be exactly the same, things come up.

What inspires you to create your music, explain us the creation process.
Nothing in particular inspires us to write our music, only what sounds good to our ears. It's that simple. Each song is different. Listen to our releases, especially "Murder Metal". Can you tell me that any of the songs really sound alike. Each one tells a different story, so each one has a flavor of it's own. Lyrically we stick with singing about killers so musically we are free to do whatever we want. We have a song sung entirely in German on "Murder Metal" and none of us are German for example, so we try and experiment and grow, after this many years it is important to make music that doesn't all sound exactly like something we did ten or fifteen years ago, but there are songs that sound like we wrote them years ago as well as songs that sound different than anything we've done before. As a fan of music I like bands to evolve without completely changing.

Dennis The MenaceDo you like the shitty re-release Nuclear Blast did of your "Sinister Slaughter+Behind The Walls Of Sleep" albums?
No!, It sucks! We had nothing to do with it obviously.

Can you give me info about if you have any unreleased tracks that only appear on compilations or shit , if yes give me their names please!
Over the years it had been a lot of different tracks on compilations and I wouldn't know were to start.

Is any of MACABRE members playing in a side project or something? Any future plans for this?
Not at the moment, but there could be future plans for this.

What are your plans for the future? I hope to see you soon playing live here...
Touring is in our immediate future, Europe in January and February 2004 and who knows what else. We like getting out on the road. We like meeting fans, traveling and experiencing life.

OK this is all for this time, thank you for your time, this is my pleasure to write an interview with MACABRE, say your last words and swear for Satan!
That's swear to Satan!